R.E.A.D. Society gives a lot of emphasis to good management and efficiency. My post as Chief Administrator is to solve every day problems of the parents, students, staff and children. In Monsoon Anubodh School and all Doorstep Schools, I supervise individual therapy sessions of the cochlear implanted and Hearing aid fitted children. Strict micro management is done to see that lesson plans are made, the parents problems are solved, teachers requirements are looked into.

    This is to bring about better results in the therapy sessions and school performance. Every Saturday I appoint teachers from Monsoon Anubodh School, they go to Doorstep Schools to guide and supervise the performance of teachers and children. Intensive parental counseling is done to bring about better results in the therapy sessions.

    Parents who come from out of town always have some problems; I look into each detail, whether it is an accommodation or therapy adjustment problem. Every day problems of the students of Diploma in Special Education and B.Ed. in Special Education are solved. Lot of emphasis is given to cleanliness and efficiency of READS.

    The Fourth class staff is supervised and checked every day. We also look into organizing workshops for the teachers and students so that they learn latest methods in teaching hearing impaired children.

    To bring about confidence in the staff and students we organize Annual day and other functions, which give them a platform to show their skills and talents. We give special emphasis to create a congenial atmosphere of happiness and no discrimination in READS. As we strongly feel that a stress free atmosphere helps in better performance and efficiency.


    - Mandira Singh

       (Chief Administrator, READ Society)