Doorstep Schools for Underprivileged Hearing Impaired Children

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    READS started Doorstep School I in the year 2005 at the Amritpuri Kacchi Basti Ghatgate area of Jaipur.

    This concept was started as we found a large number of Hearing Impaired children in one slum area. They were all from very low economic status backgrounds so we started this school at their Doorstep with 10 children. We give the Hearing Impaired children free education free hearing aids, free ear moulds and free batteries. The Doorstep School I did very well. Now we have 28 children and 3 special educators. Seeing the success of Doorstep School I we have opened 2 more school for H.I. children we run Doorstep School II at the Chardarwaja Slum area. There we have 17 children and 2 special Educators.

    We also have started Doorstep School III at the slum of Shastri Nagar Jaipur. There we have 20 children and 2 Special Educators. This school is funded by R.E.A.D. Society Jaipur. In all the 3 Doorstep Schools we take the children out on picnics, excursions to the Zoo, post office, etc to help develop confidence and personality, we also celebrate all the festivals. The children participate in Dance and Music programs. Special care is taken to see that regular audiological and speech and language evaluations are done. We also emphasize on regular parents teacher’s meeting so that the parent also participate with the therapy and parents are taught about causes and prevention of deafness. All three schools are being funded by READS.

    We have a supervisor who is also a trained Special Educator for the H.I. Children. He coordinates the quality and efficiency of all three Doorstep Schools. This has improved the quality and working of all Schools.



    (At Doorstep School II)

                    (Girls of King's High School, Warwickshire, UK at Doorstep School)                                                               (Voluntary Work at Doorstep School)

                    (Peter Simon, Monsoon Trust, UK Visit at Doorstep School I)                                                                     (Annual Function Celebration)