• READS was established in 1987 by Dr. Ganga R. Singh, Speech Pathologist Audiologist, retired from S.M.S. Hospital Jaipur. As there was no special school for hearing impaired children Mrs. Singh started Monsoon Anubodh School in a rented 2 room’s apartment in Bapu Nagar Jaipur. From then we now have 4 schools for underprivileged hearing impaired children. Monsoon Anubodh School has a new building which was donated by the Monsoon Trust U.K. We have 35 Hearing Impaired Children in the school, all the staff members are trained special educators. We have integrated till date 218 children in normal schools. Rajasthan had no training programme for teachers of the deaf therefore there was a dearth of trained staff to teach the Hearing Impaired Children. R.E.A.D.S. has also started training programmes for teachers of the deaf.

    Monsoon Anubodh School

    We started Monsoon Anubodh School in 1987 with 3 Hearing Impairment children. We have 35 Hearing Impaired children in Monsoon Anubodh School today. The building of Monsoon Anubodh School was donated by Monsoon Trust U.K. We run classes from Nursery to Prep standard and integrate the children in 1st standard of normal schools.

    All our 8 teachers are trained as Special Educators. We have integrated more than 218 children in normal schools of Jaipur and Rajasthan. Bhumi Jain one of our ex students has done her graduation in fine arts and is now married to a computer programmer. They are also blessed with a baby girl. We hold regular parents /teachers meetings, individual therapy classes; we take the children for excursions, and celebrate festivals to help develop language and confidence in the children.


    Doorstep Schools

    READS started Doorstep School I in the year 2005 at the Amritpuri Kacchi Basti Ghatgate area of Jaipur.

    This concept was started as we found a large number of Hearing Impaired children in one slum area. They were all from very low economic status backgrounds so we started this school at their Doorstep with 10 children. We give the Hearing Impaired children free education free hearing aids, free ear moulds and free batteries. The Doorstep School I did very well. Now we have 28 children and 3 special educators. Seeing the success of Doorstep School I we have opened 2 more school for H.I. children we run Doorstep School II at the Chardarwaja Slum area. There we have 17 children and 2 special Educators. Both these schools are funded by the Monsoon Trust U.K.

    We also have started Doorstep School III at the slum of Shastri Nagar Jaipur. There we have 20 children and 2 Special Educators. This school is funded by R.E.A.D. Society Jaipur. In all the 3 Doorstep Schools we take the children out on picnics, excursions to the Zoo, post office, etc to help develop confidence and personality, we also celebrate all the festivals. The children participate in Dance and Music programs. Special care is taken to see that regular audiological and speech and language evaluations are done. We also emphasize on regular parents teacher’s meeting so that the parent also participate with the therapy and parents are taught about causes and prevention of deafness.



    D.S.E. (H. I.)

    In the year 2002 R.E.A.D.S. started the "Diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impaired)" D.S.E. (H.I).

    The Director, Mrs. Ganga R Singh a senior working Audiologist and Speech Pathologist in the S.M.S Hospital, Jaipur felt the dire need for trained teachers, as there was no training program for the teachers of the hearing impaired in Rajasthan. R.E.A.D.S. is the sole organization to run such courses.



    B. Ed. (SE) H. I.

    READS decided to start a B.Ed. in Special Education HI course in the regular mode from the year 2016.

    You will be happy to know that, we have got affiliation from the Rajasthan University and recognition from RCI. The first batch of students for the B.Ed. Spl. Edu. course have been admitted and classes start from 06 September -2016.



    Till now READS has trained at least 500 special educators. All of them are working in Rajasthan and India, helping Hearing Impaired Children to lead a life of dignity.

    READS has always aimed at doing quality work.

    The three free Doorstep Schools being run in the slum areas of Jaipur are also doing very well.

    We are very thankful to the Monsoon Trust and Anber Trust for sponsoring the Doorstep Schools. We provide free hearing aids, free batteries, and free education.

    It was a proud moment for READS when the Director Mrs. Ganga R. Singh was felicitated with the following awards.

    1. The 11th Red & White Bravery Awards in 2002.

    Conferred the Special Social Award to READS for its unique & exemplary contribution to Hearing Impaired Children for speech language classes and integration to normal schools and providing training by conducting R.C.I. recognized courses to train faculties for such Hearing Impaired Children.


    Dr.Ganga R. Singh was given the Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Humane Letters by the State University of New York and the College at Oneonta U.S.A. on may 17, 2003 for her selfless work in educating the underprivileged children of Indo International School at Dundlod, Distt. Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan).

    3. PANNA DHAI AWARD 2002-2003.

    Dr. Ganga R. Singh was awarded the Prestigious Panna Dhai Award at National Level on 9th March 2003 by the Maharna Mewar Foundation, Udaipur. This was in recognition of her ventures beyond the call of duty and for setting an example in society of permanent value.


    Dr. Ganga Singh was given the Shrimati Laxmi Maaji Samman by the Laxmi Shanti Sansthan Churi Ajeetgarh on 15/11/2010. This award is given to a person who has worked to educate the downtrodden children of Shekhawati area of Jhunjhunu district Rajasthan.


    Dr. Ganga Singh was given the Manav Seva Param Seva Award by Ahsas Sansthan, Jaipur on 22/12/2014. This award was given for the excellent work for hearing impaired and underprivileged children.