Monsoon Anubodh School for Hearing Impaired Children

    Monsoon Anubodh School

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    We started Monsoon Anubodh School in 1987 with 3 Hearing Impairment children. We have 35 Hearing Impaired children in Monsoon Anubodh School today. The building of Monsoon Anubodh School was donated by Monsoon Trust U.K. We run classes from Nursery to Prep standard and integrate the children in normal schools.

    All our 9 teachers are trained as Special Educators. We have integrated more than 218 children in normal schools of Jaipur and Rajasthan. Bhumi Jain one of our ex-student has done her graduation in fine arts and is now married to a computer programmer. They are also blessed with a baby girl. We hold regular parents /teachers meetings, individual therapy classes, we take the children for excursions, and celebrate festivals to help develop language and confidence in the children.

    What we emphasize in our school is early identification, fitting child with matched hearing aids, fitting ear mould and giving special education by a special educator. The student child ratio is maximum 10 children to one teacher. We teach normal school syllabus and finally integrate the child in a normal school. Main streaming the H.I. child has been found most beneficial.


    Cochlear Implants are the latest technology for Hearing Impaired Children. It is a very expensive technology but very beneficial specially for children below five years. After the implant they hear normally and if they have been given speech therapy before the surgery we find that speech development after the Cochlear Implant is very good.
    At Monsoon Anubodh School our trained Special Educators give one to one speech therapy to a large number of Cochlear Implanted Children and children with hearing aids. We also take individual academic sessions. We get many children from around Rajasthan to who we provide accommodation. They need intensive therapy for nearly one year along with the parents. Our Implanted children are progressing very well in speech development.


    Our Special Educators also give therapy to children with problems like Dyslalia, Stuttering, Slow Learners, Autism and Delayed Speech and Language.


    We conduct regular workshops on topics like Therapy Techniques for Cochlear Implanted Children, latest teaching techniques for Autistic children. This is to upgrade our Special Educators on the latest methods of therapy.


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